At Divino Abasto we believe that a school of tango should invoke the streets and the way we walk in everyday life.

We strive for our students to recognize the rhythm of tango in their own natural movement.

We believe that there is only one true tango (above and beyond the different names it’s called) and we aim for a unified formation, embellishing our tradition of the dance hall and taking from the contemporary whatever we can at the
discretion of our students.

We affirm that technique is the only proper response to a necessity. Technique that does not resolve the questions we have serves no purpose.

We trust in the hidden understanding that people have. If we all know how to embrace, if we know how to give, then we all have the tango seed planted inside of us.

We push students to propose their own ideas, to question us and themselves, all in a setting of respect and fraternity.

All in all we believe that tango is like a magical spell that transforms sadness into the greatest of joys and that people are truly happier dancing tango.

Our beliefs