I was born to a family consisting of a poet for a mother and a tailor for a grandmother.

I was raised in a tiny apartment overlooking a wide and bustling avenue bursting with thousands of lights and sounds day and night.

When I was 16 years old, I took my first tango lesson and I knew right away that my life would be driven by that passionate embrace. I am a vigorous person, voracious- even if at times disorganized- in achieving my dreams. I believe in tango.

Teaching dance is what I enjoy most. The fact is that people heal when they dance.

As the producer, I organized Tango entre libros (“Tango among books”) for the Festival of Books at the Agricultural Expo Center and tango soirées for the Youth Olympic Games; I created a beautiful Tango Night to host members of the G20 Summit in Argentina at the Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau and I even invited the 74 members of the London Symphony Orchestra to my home to take their first steps as tango dancers.

I lived in Europe and Latin America and that is when I finally understood the cultural dimensions of tango as well as my unconditional love for Buenos Aires.

Dancing tango in Buenos Aires is a cultural experience that requires being comfortable, like drinking a glass of red wine amongst friends. With that philosophy in mind, in 2009 I opened the doors to Divino Estudio del Abasto
(“Divine Studio of the Abasto”), today simply known as Divino Abasto, a space for dancing tango in the heart of the legendary neighborhood of the old Abasto Fruit and Vegetable Market, a place designed to fuse my passions: tango, art in all of its expressions and the simple pleasures of life.

Welcome to the wonderful world of tango!

Luciana Rial