These are our goals for each and every step on your path to dancing tango:

Beginner level

  • Naturalization of the embrace.
  • Knowledge of the social cues of the dance to be able to go to a milonga.
  • The ability to move on the dance floor.
  • The ability to propose simple movements.
  • The ability to respond and propose.
  • Incorporation of silences in movement.
  • Recognition of the different genres of tango: milonga, tango, waltz.
  • Recognition of beats and offbeats.

Intermediate level

  • Incorporation of technique exercises to achieve balance and dissociation.
  • The ability to express an uncomfortable position through technique.
  • Recognition of different orchestras.
  • A heightened ability to listen.

Advanced level

  • Creation of sequences.
  • The ability to change directions and the transience of a sequence.
  • The ability to self-critique and critique the group.
  • The ability to create aesthetic discourse through movement.
  • The ability to enjoy simplicity, working without anxiety, going back to the roots of basic movements as a mature approach to dancing.