Welcome to an authentic tango experience!

Tango Night is a class, but it’s also a show, and above all, it’s a once in a lifetime memory of the city and its culture.

During this exclusive and hand-tailored event, you’ll discover the nostalgia and sensuality of tango in your own body. Tango Night is perfect for commemorating the intimacy of love or the openness of a group of strangers, with a touch of the porteño (the identity of the port city of Buenos Aires) and the unforgettable. The night is adapted for a couple wanting to celebrate their love or a large group of strangers and new friends.

We’ll uncork some good wines from the cellar, play some old tango melodies and together we’ll embark on a profound and magical journey to the 19th century and into each one of ourselves. The place itself is perfect and the view from the
balcony… legendary. If you want to participate or gift a Tango Night, contact us right away. It’s our pleasure to open up the doors of tango for each and every one of you.

Tango Night